“How you view this instrument plays a role on what you think it can or can’t resolve,” notes Koutouki. “These agreements are seen as an important vehicle for community mobilization given the fact that the Inuit are powerless to control the activities that propel climate change. They perceive these legal texts as flexible and evolving structures that facilitate communication and negotiation between their communities and the government.” http://bit.ly/2f0DrLG

ILA Canada educates about international law, as well as raising awareness about the importance of international law for the Canadian legal community. We also contribute to public policy domestically and internationally through the work of our various committees. To this end we organize and participate in events such as conferences, workshops and other public forums in Canada and around the word. The events we organize are of interest to a wide range of international law jurists, students and policy makers. This ability to work, exchange and co-operate with ILA members all over the world make ILA-Canada a unique organization for those interested in international law. ILA-Canada members can also participate in the work of the ILA international committees.

Below you will find the committees that are currently active in the ILA organization and the Canadian participants:

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